Who is pauley perrette dating

Theatre actress, De Pablo was in a long-term relationship with actor Diego Serrano.

Cote De Pablo and Diego were good friends since 2000.

When a Naval Chaplain dies in a car accident, the team goes and was about to rule it an accident when Ducky tells them, he died hours before the accident.

So they try to find out what he did before he died.

They discover he had files on detainees at Guantanamo. They learn he was trying to prove that one of the detainees was wrongfully detained for 11 years. And Bishop's brothers pay her a visit and learn she's seeing someone and she refuses to tell them who.

So they go her place of work and talk to everyone she knows.

She isn's publicly in any relationship currently.

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“Maybe this is the way @Pauley P is leaving the show.” Also Read: ' NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Explains Her Twitter Hiatus Ahead of Show Exit “Were they hinting Abby is ‘a friend of Bill’? There is evidence that they may not have actually been dating, but did 'hook-up' at one of them put it (I can't remember which).Also, in another episode Abby says: "It's time to explore the seedier side of the internet' and Mc Gee says, "I thought we weren't going to discuss that night at work!One of the things I love about NCIS is that its one of the few shows to be an action police drama with quirky humor and can use real life situations to tell compelling stories this episode had all of that in spades and had one of my favorite characters at the forefront.Bishop's brothers brought a lot of humor that the show sometimes doesn't deliver having them go from Mc Gee to Nick to Clay in regards to who was dating Bishop.

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