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Two, for all the Wii games playable with the Wii Classic Controller (or Pro version) that don’t require motion control, why the heck can’t you simply reprogram the Game Pad’s buttons through some sort of interface overlay, as we’ve been able to for years with Sony’s PSP and more recently the PS Vita?Here’s what I’d love: to be able to play having to set the tablet on a table or in your lap while twiddling a detached controller already weirdly tethered to a secondary controller (the Wii Remote) that’s wirelessly synchronized with the Wii U?I have enjoyed this game a bunch with friends, and I am just letting people know my experiences through updating.If you choose to be a sheep, that is perfectly fine, but I just like playing games in general.Helium Boy is another awesome Homebrew game inspired by an old Nintendo game.BTW, why does it sound like you guys are crying about me installing homebrew software on my Wii console?Just asking because it sounds like I should not even have this?

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I was looking around in the Wii Shop channel for Rondo of blood and was going to buy it, but the console asked me to update, and said yes, and now it effectively killed my wii system.As the EFF post notes, this represents the latest step in a very troubling trend for consumer rights.It's a practice no longer even limited to the digital world, with physical products now including different kinds of DRM or methods to break the product if any payment issues arise.The catch, because you knew there’d be one: you still have to use Wii-based controllers.According to Nintendo: Wii software displayed on the Wii U Game Pad cannot be controlled by the Game Pad.

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