Dating a very christian girl

I sometimes am involved in interviewing people for IT positions, and there’s a lot of stuff that people say they believe and do, but don’t really have the knowledge or beliefs they say they do on paper.Sometimes it’s only after spending more time with someone that you find out they don’t actually value their faith as much as they said they did.Sometimes the notion of romance pressures us to talk up things that aren’t true about ourselves.Because a Christian guy is less likely to try to get in your pants.

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Something we don’t always fully appreciate is just how drastically different the experience of going to church functions with a relatively consistent group of people is.When the years start ticking by and no one seems to be asking you out, that’s when the thought comes that maybe you’re wasting your time waiting for someone in the church world.One of my female friends rightly said that even if dating someone of the same faith as you is a major priority in your life, you can eventually find yourself wearing down on that thought when non-Christian guys seem keen and Christian guys don’t.If it’s something you’re looking to observe in your life, that short list gets even shorter.As if it weren’t already a narrow list of things you’re looking for in the opposite sex, now there’s one more major player to consider.

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