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It will not be posted to the *.answers newsgroups, nor will it be archived at edu. Andy Latto Jacoby, Holland, Beavers, Chouette, Useful advice. A random element (luck) is certainly involved, but a champion player also uses the laws of probability, intuition, imagination and psychology to outwit his opponent''.

The purpose of the diff file is to show recent changes without having to browse the entire FAQ. -- From the foward of the Expert Backgammon (Mac) documentation.``There's an aesthetic to the game, a flow.

Related backgammon links for players: here you can find more resources about Backgammon for real money servers. The FAQ will be posted on or around the 13th (13: is such a nice opening roll) of each month to, rec.answers and news.answers. Material from is credited where used. Information that may or may not be included in the current FAQ: From: alberto da pra ([email protected]) Newsgroups: Subject: Olympiad of Backgammon Date: GMT The second edition of the Backgammon's Olympiad (the first was in the year 1992) will be in Venice from 25th to 30th June 1996. Alberto da Pra, President WBF Worldwide Backgammon Federation ---- Newsgroups:, Subject: TD-Gammon available for free download Date: -0800 IBM has made TD-Gammon, their supposedly groundbreaking neural network- based version of Backgammon, available for free download.

The FAQ is also available for anonymous ftp on: edu /pub/usenet/news.answers/games/backgammon-faq The ascii FAQ may also be obtained vie E-mail. Zehr Book Review, Holland rule, Combinitorics answer. It seems to be part of an attempt to promote their IBM Family Fun Pack.

A Player who has made all six points in his home board is said to have a closed board.

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By playing backgammon, that is - by creating patterns of blots and points - I help to shape my identity, I set myself apart from the spectators. The first player to get all his men off the board is the winner. The player with the higher number makes the first move, using the two numbers cast by his die and his opponent's.A player may not make any move until such time as he has brought the man on the bar back into play.Re-entry is made on a point equivalent to the number of one of the dice cast, providing that point is not owned by the opponent.The player strains to work with them, to control them.One's identity is not entirely intrinsic, nor is it purely acquired.

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